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Dear Powerscore,

I have studied the LSAT for around 3 months and I took the April LSAT. I studied for approximately 2-3 hours six days a week. Due to school, I took a break and now (5/12) I am studying for the June LSAT again.

Here is my situation:

- My diagnostic was 156
- Out of around 12 practice tests, I got 166 twice (highest) and I now typically score around the low 160s.

I want a score of 175+. Would around one month of studying 5 hours six days a week be enough time commitment to get the 175+ score?

Thank you.
 Robert Carroll
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The amount of studying is less important than the quality of studying. I think there are two parts to improving that quality - diagnosing the areas you need to target, and structuring your studying around improving those areas.

With that in mind, I think you need to look at your previous work (PTs, drills, everything) and ask:

Are there consistent areas I'm having trouble with? If so, what are they?

What does my performance look like on my best PTs?

What is the best score I've received on each section, even if it's from different PTs? If I performed that well on a single PT, what score would that be?

Does my timing need to be shored up on any of the sections?

Although the scoring scale varies by test, and we have little information about scoring for three-section tests, I'd use this link as a guide: ... ing-scale/ For a score of 175+, you'd probably want to get to the point that you're missing only 4 questions or fewer per PT.

Robert Carroll

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