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I did have a bit of a frustrating start yesterday. I logged in on time and was prompted to download an EXE file so ProctorU could access my computer. I did as instructed, but when a chat box was supposed to appear connecting me to the proctor, nothing happened. After waiting around for a bit I contacted the regular chat help line. The person responded with some assistance instructions, but ultimately sent a link and password to another help center. I finally realized there was an 800 (855 actually) for assistance to call. I powered my phone back on and called that number and the lady on the other end quickly helped me adjust the security and accessibility settings on my MacBook. Once that happened I was quickly connected to my proctor who very kindly and efficiently got me started. I was delayed probably 15+ minutes in total getting started, but thankfully I listened to the podcast about the January 2021 FLEX and noted that Jon mentioned that folks with macOS Bog Sur might encounter a security setting issue so I was somewhat prepared for this and it did not cause me to be too far derailed. I was thankful for the immediate help from ProctorU to get this quickly resolved.

The test content was mostly as expected except for a LG (diplomats) that threw a curveball at the end. Thankfully, by attending the PS course I had seen a couple similar games before. RC was challenging as always, but I did like the interface as I found the font to be easier to read than the PowerScore application (sorry Dave :)) and the passage was visible on the whole screen without any scrolling (when viewed without the question). Because I could see the entire content it made me feel as if there was less of it. Lol. I did not like the underline and highlight feature though as I was used to simply double-clicking to highlight a word on the PowerScore website, but found that yesterday I had to drag to do so and found this clunky and frustrating as it was difficult to control. Plus the underline was barely visible the line was so thin. :( LR is basically a blank for me, but I think it was on par with what I have been used to in the PS content.

Congrats to all who got in done yesterday! At least we have a test in the books!!! :-D
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owen95 wrote: Sat Feb 20, 2021 8:52 pm I thought reading comp was a little harder than usual... the passages themselves I thought were pretty smooth reads, but there were a bunch of questions where I could not make a happy decision (so either I was missing some nuance in the passages, or the questions were literally just harder). Anybody else feel like that?

Is it kosher to mention a particular passage as feeling harder/having harder questions?
Very much agree with this. There were so many I didn't feel confident in for the sports and Belize passages. This section definitely made a big dent in my score
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lzlz333! wrote: Sun Feb 21, 2021 1:24 pm
Very much agree with this. There were so many I didn't feel confident in for the sports and Belize passages. This section definitely made a big dent in my score
yes, those were the ones I had in mind... especialy the Belize one.
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Congrats on being done, and for handling that technical issue at the start--well done to keep cool there :-D

ashouse wrote: Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:57 amI did like the interface as I found the font to be easier to read than the PowerScore application (sorry Dave :))
I'll have to look into this because we're supposed to be using the same font they are, so if that's changed, I'm irritated lol! I'll find out and fix that though, so thanks for the tip!

Go enjoy the day, you've earned it!
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Does anyone know when the score for this exam will be posted?
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Go enjoy the day, you've earned it!

Thank you sir! I felt well prepared thanks to your course and all the extra sessions that you, Jon, and your crew offered on Fridays or throughout the week. Well done by you too!
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When does the podcast discussing the curve come out?
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Cheers to all of you! May we all get the scores we were prepared to achieve!

[Hopefully an entertaining post for you all - now that we have made it to the other side of the February LSAT.]

I've always had a hate/hate relationship with the highlighter tool in LawHub for many reasons, but it intensified during my test yesterday. There I was, strategically highlighting certain keywords in my first RC passage, when suddenly entire paragraphs of text were mysteriously highlighted! Of course, the intuitive option to double click on the highlighted text as a mechanism to remove highlighting is not built in, but in a panic I attempted to so do so anyway and it did nothing. I started to navigate over to the eraser, but then I wondered if my original highlights would still be there, so I abandoned my (obviously) strategically highlighted keywords and proceeded with reading and answering questions so I wouldn't lose precious time. On the next passage a similarly strange thing occurred (definitely my fault this time) when I attempted to scroll the reading pane by using the touch screen on my surface - this time ALL of the remaining text AND questions that were visible on the screen highlighted. So, I gave up on the highlighting tool, may he/she rest in peace.

Hopefully this has been entertaining to read up to this point, but maybe a couple more details will make it better. I live in Texas so you may have heard, we had a tough time with power last week and the water issues are still happening. I'll spare you the dramatic details of last week and stick to their impact on the LSAT. The day before the test I did a trial run with my testing space and in doing so realized my office had electricity and internet, but no water or heat. After a very supportive call with LSAC to confirm I would be allowed to test with a heating blanket over my chair to keep warm, I did one final check for papers and electronics and confirmed my testing space was 100% prepared - or so I thought.

So picture this, I'm professionally dressed in my power suit/skirt combo (to create the right mindset) and sitting on my buffalo plaid printed heating blanket as I worked with my proctor through the room check and he says, "Deseray, are you able to turn your camera to face the entryway to the room?" Apparently I missed that one on the checklist, so after confirming that I am allowed to move my desk, I was carefully shifting each piece of office furniture (desk, chair, and attached cabinet drawers) about 4 inches at a time to rotate 90 degrees so the camera was appropriately angled for the test. In my imagination, the proctor was as entertained as I was when watching Austin Powers turn his luggage cart around in that super narrow hallway.

Anyhow, despite the impromptu office furniture shuffle, heatless room and erratic highlighting tool - I think I performed as well as (but hopefully better than) my practice tests leading up to that point. My time management for all sections went well, at one point I eliminated ALL answers for a question and was able to go back to find my sketch error, and my number of skips/guesses was consistent with practice tests. So for those of you who have made it this far in my ridiculous story, I hope February was less of an adventure for you all than it was for me! I'm looking forward to hearing the podcast and seeing how everyone did.

Cheers and virtual fist bumps all around!

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