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Given the short amount of time left until the January Flex, I'd like to efficiently use my time by taking PTs which will be most relevant to the January Flex. Which do you guys thinks will be most relevant?
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Hi iLSAT180!

In general, it's best to take the more recent exams as you get closer to your test date. The 10 most recent prep tests would be the May Flex 2020, 2019 tests, 2018 tests, and 2017 tests--which should be plenty to keep you busy between now and the January test date (you do NOT have to complete them all!). If you've already taken some/all of those tests, add in whatever are the most recent tests that you have yet to take.

Some other resources you might be interested in:

Crystal Ball Webinar for the November 2020 through April 2021 tests (Dave and Jon's predictions for what to expect on these upcoming tests and what skills to make sure you're shoring up): ... recording/

Ultimate Practice LSAT Resource List (lots of great links on how to take and analyze your PTs): ... urce-list/

Ultimate Test Mentality Resource List (test mentality is SO important in these last couple of weeks before the exam and is the component of test prep that is so often overlooked. Be sure to devote some time to making sure you are in a positive mindset for test day!): ... urce-list/

Hope this helps! Good luck!


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