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Dear Dave and POWERSCORE,

I was wondering if there is any plan for possible publications for 2021 powerscore year ? any particular recommendations
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 Stephanie Turaj
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Hi Lathlee,

Thanks for the post! Typically, we do release new Bible editions around this time! However, this has been a bit of a strange year (to say the least, lol) and so we have instead been focused on COVID-related changes such as the LSAT Flex. The LSAT is Flexed until April 2021, but since we don't know what things will look like past that date, we're waiting for more permanent news before we make any changes. :-D

Other than the Flex, there have been no major changes in the LSAT content and the strategies used to approach the test, and thus the 2020 Bibles are still completely relevant for the LSAT. We recommend you use the 2020 Bibles for your preparation rather than waiting for the new editions, and for students prepping for the Flex, you can find many helpful Podcasts about it here:


P.S. - Dave and Jon have been hard at work creating content for a new course, which we plan to release in 2021, so stay tuned for more on that!
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 Dave Killoran
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Added note on the 2021 LSAT Bibles: Given that only one partial LSAT has been released in the past year (three sections from May 2020, I have decided to hold off on updating the LSAT Bibles for now. Thus the 2020 versions are current for the time being. There are more details on our recent LSAT podcast that recaps 2020 and preview 2021. Go to 1:21:29 for that discussion.

I'm not making changes now because I'm waiting until I know more about what LSAC is doing this year as far as Flex formats. So, with uncertainty on the horizon and not much in the way of new LSATs released out this year, there was no real reason or cause to make changes.

So, 2020 is the current version for the time being and if there is a 2021 version (uncertain), it won't be until later in the year :)

If you have any questions, just let me know!

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