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I really could have sworn that as of a week ago there was a section on this webpage giving information for withdrawal date deadlines (in addition to the test date change deadlines)... My understanding was they'd refund a part of your LSAT fee if you withdrew before a certain date. But now there's nothing on there about withdrawing, and I can't find anything on their website about it elsewhere.

I just took the Feb LSAT flex, and my plan was to sign up for the April flex and if I was happy with my Feb scores (that will come back on March 10), then I would withdraw from the April test. I distinctly remember working this out and finding out that the withdrawal deadline for the April flex would be about a week or so after I'd get my scores back for the Feb flex.

Anybody know what's going on? Are they no longer going to give refunds/partial refunds for withdrawing before a certain date? Or was I imagining things before?
I would like to figure out soon because the deadline to register for the April test is in 2 days :(
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Hi owen,

Not sure if you've resolved this issue yet, but my strong recommendation would be to give LSAC a call on this one as soon as you can. I haven't checked the posted withdrawal/refund deadlines for each of the coming tests recently, so I can't say if anything was deleted. But there's a chance some posted dates were lost accidentally when they posted the test dates for the 2021-2022 cycle. Or it's possible there's been a change in policy (I haven't seen it officially mentioned, if there was). Wish I had more for you on this, but there's nothing publicly available that would tell us one way or the other, so a call is warranted.

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