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 Sameer Asad
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Hi. I just gave the April LSAT today however I did not do as well as I should have. On average, I was PT-ing around 165/166 with a -1,2 on LG, -4,5 on LR and -5-6 on RC. However, I dont think my actual test score will be nearer to my PT and might be in the 160-162 range. I want to ask if I should re-take the test in June?

I am generally good in LG unless a very unexpected game shows up and I struggle with RC the most. I was doing very well in LR and RC all the way up until PT 85 (-2,-3) on both but got stumped by PTs in the late 80s and 90s a few weeks before the exam, which is why my average score fell to 164-165 from a 166-168.

However, I'm expecting to score in the early 160s this time around and the eventual goal is to ideally reach 170/171. I need advice on whether i should register for the June exam or wait for the October one? is it possible to achieve the score jump given that I have been able to score 168-169 on 3/4 PTs.

I will be applying for Fall 2025 and am an international test taker so will have just June and October before the ED and then Jan 2025 before the RD. Over the next 3 weeks, I can take out 3-4 hours daily and almost 6-7 hours per day starting from first week of May till the test in june. I need guidance on what course of action to pursue?
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 Chandler H
PowerScore Staff
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Hi Sameer,

First of all, as you may know, the Logic Games section will be discontinued starting with the August 2024 test; instead, Logical Reasoning will appear twice, and Reading Comprehension will appear once.

In order to achieve your desired score jump (from the low-to-mid 160s to the low 170s) in June, you would probably want to be going -0/-1 on LG, and -3/-4 on both LR and RC. I know you have about 6-7 hours per day to study in May; however, it's not just about how much time you have, but how you make use of that time. Do you feel like your studying plan has been consistently effective enough that you could be going -0/-1 on LG and -3/-4 on LR and RC by the June test? If so, you could consider taking the test again in June.

If not, however, you will want to stop studying LG immediately, and focus your energy towards LR and RC in preparation for the October test. This is likely the course of action that I would advise you to pursue. It gives you fewer sections to focus on, so you'll be able to really hone in on what makes RC (and, to a lesser extent, LR) so difficult for you. You may have to switch up your studying strategies a bit, since you're moving from studying three sections to only two, but luckily, you have all summer to do so.

Does this help?

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