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What are the specific rules for scratch paper on test day? I did see on LSAC's website at prohibited items list but did not see anything explicit about the Do's and Don't's of scratch paper.

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 Dave Killoran
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It's quite loose, actually:

  • 5 sheets of scratch paper, which can be blank, lined, or even graph paper.
    Show both sides of each sheet to the proctor prior to starting.
    At the end, rip it up in front of the camera.

And that's it :-D
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Hi all,

A few questions regarding scratch paper for in-person proctored exams, since the above was answered a number of years ago:

- Is scratch paper supplied, or should I bring my own?
- If it’s supplied, is there a limit to how much you can use?

I am taking an exam that will have games. I often use about half a page of scratch paper per game so I am wondering if I need to be mindful about the amount of space I’m using.
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Hello Mmjd12,

Thank you for the post!

Per the LSAC website,

"Candidates who test in a center will be provided three (3) blank, unlined, colored scratch paper booklets. Each booklet contains two pages. You will also be provided two (2) pencils.

Candidates who test in a center are NOT permitted to bring their own scratch paper or writing instruments."

You can find more information about what you can (and can't) bring to the exam on the LSAC website here: ... ems-remote

Best of luck on the exam!

Julie Lipscomb
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