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The last LSAT of 2023 has wrapped, and Dave and Jon have all the details! Tune in as they cover the November test week from start to finish, discussing the many scored and experimental sections, the relative difficulty of everything presented, their expectations for the various scoring scales, and—to top it all off—the accuracy of their predictions from their latest Crystal Ball webinar (spoiler: nailed it again).

Available on our blog or any major podcast outlet: ... sat-recap/
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Any study recommendations for the upcoming November retest?
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thequeen637 wrote: Fri Nov 17, 2023 5:47 pm Any study recommendations for the upcoming November retest?
Hi thequeen367,

Thank you for your post. We unfortunately do not do predictions for the retakes because they are much smaller in the number of test-takers and thus LSAC has more options they can use for students. It’s much more difficult to predict those tests accurately.

With that being said, we encourage retakers to review our Crystal Ball webinar as the general advice in that podcast is still helpful.


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