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Hi all,

I am applying this fall and have taken the LSAT twice. Both scores are in the lower mid 160s, although I did one point worse the second time around. I still have a few days - should I cancel this lower score? I do not exactly want law schools to see that my score did not improve, but I also wonder if a canceled score is more of a red flag (would admissions people just assume I completely bombed the test)? Thank you in advance.
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 Dave Killoran
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Hey Lawyer,

In your case, it doesn't much matter as far as those two scores. Let's say you have a 163 and then a 162. Those are so close that schools simply treat them as a 163 and move on quickly. A "163, cancel" doesn't look much different then, right?

If I were you I'd keep the 162 just in case you take the LSAT again and it doesn't go the way you want. Because "163, 162, cancel" is fine but "163, cancel, cancel" might raise an eyebrow (albeit a small one).


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