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When paraphrasing, do you write out what you read on paper (i.e conclusion, premise) or keep mental track?
 Robert Carroll
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I think it depends on the situation and depends on the person. I suggest to students that they underline or highlight the conclusion of any argument they see, right on the screen (the digital test allows highlighting or underlining text on screen). I will certainly diagram conditional reasoning or formal logic reasoning that I see on my scratch paper. If there is a cause and effect argument, I will often write down the cause and write down the effect to keep those straight. If the stimulus involves rather complicated language, but I've got a simplified and compact understanding of that, I may write that down. Otherwise, I keep mental track. Figure out what works best for you! I will say that I am going to 100% diagram conditionals and formal logic, and otherwise mostly keep mental track of other things, although always noting what the exactly conclusion is can also be helpful.

Robert Carroll

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