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Complete Question Explanation
(The complete setup for this game can be found here: lsat/viewtopic.php?f=170&p=88166#p88166)

The correct answer choice is (E).

The condition in this question stem specifies that R and S each receive a rating of one star. With R paired with S, from the third rule we can infer that H and I must receive the same rating.

Because H receives exactly one more star than N, we can thus infer that H and I both receive two stars:


Because of the first rule, and thus 2-2-1-1 distribution, the two remaining CDs—Q and S—must then receive the three- and four-star ratings:


As this is a Could Be True question, you should search the answer choices for Q and S because they are the only two variables with uncertainty. Only answer choices (D) and (E) address Q or S. Because S can receive three stars, answer choice (E) is correct.

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