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General questions relating to LSAT Reading Comprehension.
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So I have a general question for RC note taking on the LSAT flex. When I practice I usually use the highlighter/underline feature on the Powerscore analytics package. But I think that it's a lot harder taking notes digitally, at least for me it kinda slows me down. Any tips or strategies for note taking?
 Jeremy Press
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Hi Tari,

In general, try to keep your notes sparse. Use abbreviations rather than full, written-out sentences. Create a numbered list on your scratch paper that corresponds to the number of paragraphs in the passage. Write your shorthand notes for a given paragraph underneath the number corresponding to that paragraph. One additional suggestion I've seen that you could try (if it works for you!) is to make boxes on your scratch paper that correspond to the approximate size of the paragraphs in the passage (bigger box for longer paragraphs, smaller box for shorter paragraphs), then write your shorthand notes inside the box at the approximate "place" in the paragraph that the material appears. What this does is it lets you visualize the location of the material better and find it on the screen faster if you need to.

Also, try a few sections where all you use is the highlighter/underline tool. I've had a number of students get used to using only that (no scratch paper notes) and say they like the efficiency of it better. You have to try a few different approaches on a number of different passages to figure out what's going to be most comfortable and most effective for you.

I hope this helps!

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