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General questions relating to LSAT Reading Comprehension.
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How does one differentiate between a global and a contextual question?
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Hi Trina!

A Global Reference question refers to the passage as a whole. For example, "Which one of the following most accurately expresses the main point of the passage?" or "The function of the passage as a whole is to" or "It can most reasonably be referred from the passage that".

A Concept Reference question refers to ideas or themes within the passage. For example, "Which one of the following does the author offer as an argument against gray marketing?" or "The author discusses the impact of gray marketing on goodwill in order to" or "The author's attitude toward the possibility that the courts will come to exercise consistent control over gray marketing practices can best be characterized as one of".

A Specific Reference question refers to a specific word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph, which will be highlighted for you when you are taking the digital test. For example, "The author of the passage uses the phrase 'the cultural flux' in the third paragraph primarily in order to".

Hope this helps!


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