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General questions relating to LSAT Reading Comprehension.
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It seems that the digital exam only allows notation by highlighting though paper is provided for notes. However, generally the notations made denote that a particular element has been identified for instance that the author’s opponent’s theory is now being discussed and so on. Would it make sense to practice with some sort of color coding to refer to different elements here or would the paper suffice? The process has been an awkward adjustment thus far.
 Jeremy Press
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Hi Vy5,

I definitely agree there's an adjustment to be made in notating on the digital version of the exam. I'd recommend keeping it as simple as possible. If you prefer scratch paper notes because you prefer the precision of your own handwritten notes, clearly label each paragraph on the scratch paper, and make any precise notes regarding the VIEWSTAMP elements there (trying to key them as closely as possible to individual lines, though that's tougher to do).

My personal preference, and something I've recommended to a number of students, is to try using the underline and highlight functions in a very simple way to track key issues. For most VIEWSTAMP elements (structure, tone, arguments, main point), use the underline function. BUT, for viewpoint shifts, use the highlighter. My own preference would be to use only one color highlighter, because I don't like to take the time to shift, and I don't like to have to remember which color belongs to which "voice." What I'll do is highlight each time a new "voice" expresses a viewpoint. That way, I've got a quick visual map to each viewpoint shift in the passage. If you prefer, you could color code for individual "voices" (yellow for the author, pink for the critics or some opposing viewpoint, etc.). But I do think that's more time-consuming and difficult to remember.

I hope this helps!


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