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General questions relating to LSAT Reading Comprehension.
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First of all, great book, it really helps to pinpoint and work on minor parts of RC comprehension that anyone lacks and can improve, i luv the drill parts mostly.

1.first babish complain, why didn't you make AND/OR announce this product is available through Kindle ? I just found yesterday that it was available in kindle due to contemplating to buy RC bible 2020 Version in order to be ready for digital lsat diagramming.

2. so what is it about this link? there is some error in of pg.69?

3. Dave knows that non-US LSAT-taker-prospect global market population is dying to access as much as PowerScore material in most confident manner, accessible manner possible. Powerscore hopefully planning to sell kindle version of PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning: Question Type Training and it's -LG and RC counter parts as kindle version For rest of non US LSAT takers, Hopefully , near future?
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 Dave Killoran
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Thanks Lathlee!

A few thoughts for you:

  • 1. We don't make announcements about Kindle versions because in general no one pays any attention when we do (so we stopped doing it) :-D Especially since it's searchable on Amazon, that more or less took away the need for making a separate announcement.

    2. Nothing there, it's just such an involved question, and one that will likely take at least an hour to read, research, and answer, that we haven't had the time to go in yet and handle it. That happens with certain questions—if we see a question that will require a lot of time to answer (either it's long or super-nitpicky) then we often push it off in favor of answering 3-5 questions from other students. It's a resource triage since this is a free resource :)

    3. I'm actually hoping to go a totally different route and make Training Type question sets available online in a digital interface, so we shall see. That would bypass Amazon, which because of the 55% cut they take really drives up the price on books with heavy licensing like the TTs!
Thanks as always!

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