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General questions relating to LSAT Reading Comprehension.
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I had a question regarding how to diagram now that the LSAT is a digital test, as opposed to being on paper. I've looked and practiced on a tablet with the new digital format, but was unable to diagram for reading comprehension like I usually do (circles vs squares, numbering a list, annotating, etc.). What recommendations do you have for taking notes on the digital format that would most closely resemble the instructions in the RC Bible? Should we make more use of the scrap paper available to us and take notes on that?

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 Dave Killoran
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Hi B,

Thanks for the question! Just for anyone reading, the 2020 RC Bible (and later editions, when they come out) addresses the new digital format, and so it's been discussed comprehensively there and that discussion is beyond the scope of what we can cover in this Forum. I will say that the digital tools at your disposal are limited: underlining, highlighting, scratch paper. So your on-screen marking are now physically limited, and the best approach typically uses a combination of on-screen marks and scratch paper notes. That level will be different for each person, and so we strongly recommend experimenting with the digital platform to become acquainted with the approach you want to use (LSAC offers several tests at, and we offer many more tests in the same format if you are a full course student of ours).


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