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General questions relating to LSAT Reading Comprehension.
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Hello everyone,

I find I am having difficulty taking with the reading comprehension passages. I take very detailed notes and when I get to the questions, it is a hit or miss for me. What strategies would you suggest in improving reading comprehension? I am taking the November 2018 LSAT.

Thank you.
 James Finch
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Hi Raj,

This a very broad question, so I'm not sure I can effectively answer it in a forum post. I can give you a general overview of the PowerScore method, however. We use a system called ViewSTAMP, which is an acronym standing for:

Main Point

All of these elements should be identified and marked during the first read-through of a passage. Try not to take too many notes, as that will slow you down and may confuse you later on when referring back to the passage to answer the questions.
Make sure you track all the viewpoints expressed, including the author's, and where they are in the passage, as well as what their different arguments put forth are. Tone is important to note whenever it deviates from objective, neutral language, as it's key to understanding the author's attitude towards the subject and any potential inferences you may be asked to make based off of said attitude. Finally, the main point is analogous to the conclusion in the stimulus, although usually found in the first or last (or both) paragraphs. I would also add that it is important to also keep in mind what kind of source this may have come from, and always be able to answer the question "Why was this written?" after reading a passage (i.e. know the purpose behind writing the passage).

If you'd like a more comprehensive explanation of the PowerScore method of attacking Reading Comprehension, the RC Bible is available here.

Hope this helps!

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