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Complete Question Explanation
(The complete setup for this game can be found here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=1864)

The correct answer choice is (E)

This question is tailor-made to use solutions produced in other questions. As such, this would be a good question to skip, and then return to after all of the other questions have been answered. Consider some of the information available in other questions:
  • Question #17. The solution in the correct answer shows that W can be used in the third year. This information eliminates answer choice (D), which does not contain 3.

    Question #19 and question #21. The solutions in these question show that W could be used in the second year. This information eliminates answer choice (A), which does not contain 2.

    Question #22. The correct answer places N in the second year, which, from the split-block inferred during the setup, then places W in the fifth year. This information eliminates answer choice (C) and answer choice (D) (again), neither of which contain 5.
Thus, three answers can be quickly eliminated by re-using work from other questions. The difference between the remaining two answers—(B) and (E)—is that answer choice (E) contains 1 and 6. You simply need to create a hypothetical showing that W can be used in 1 or 6, and you can determine which answer choice is correct. As it turns out, W can be used in year 1 and 6. This hypothetical shows W in year 1:
PT59_Game_#4_#20_diagram 1.png

Proving that W could be used in the sixth year is superfluous, and thus answer choice (E) is correct.

As a side observation, note that if W (which has a restriction relative to V) can go in any space, N (which has no restrictions) must be free to go in any space, as well.
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Can someone please advise me on the fastest way to complete number 20? I skipped this question when doing this section under timed conditions, but even when reviewing this game, this section look me a bit of time. I was able to get the answer correct by producing a significant number of hypotheticals, but was wondering if there was a faster/optimal way to arrive at the correct solution. Thanks
 Kristina Moen
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Hi jg,

The fastest way to do this question to use your work from other questions. Presumably, you've written a few hypotheticals. At the very least, question 17 gives you a hypothetical that you already checked against the rules (answer choice A). Washington is 3rd in that answer choice, so you can eliminate any answer choice without 3. That means you can eliminate answer choice (D).

Assuming you're not using any other hypotheticals (but I hope you are!), then you need to do this one methodically. Try Washington in year 1. It works? That means you eliminate answer choices (B) and (C). It doesn't work? That means you eliminate answer choices (A) and (E). Then try whatever is different between them. So really, you should be able to solve this question with two hypotheticals. No, you don't have to try each spot! For example, if you've got answer choices (A) and (E) left, do a hypothetical with Washington in year 2. If year 2 works, that means answer choice (E) is the correct one! If it doesn't, then answer choice (A) is correct.

The way to think about it this way: If a spot works, then it has to be in the answer. If a spot doesn't work, then it can't be in the answer.

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