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Complete Question Explanation

Answer choice (A):

Answer choice (B):

Answer choice (C):

Answer choice (D):

Answer choice (E):

This explanation is still in progress. Please post any questions below!
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Am I to understand the question/answers as meaning, "performs orchestra on ONLY those two days" or rather, including but not necessarily limited to those two days? It doesn't end up mattering practically speaking, but I wasn't sure how to interpret that.
 Rachael Wilkenfeld
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In this case, German, they could leave the language unclear because they are testing your knowledge of the game. You can never have O more than twice because O requires J following. That means if you have 3 Os, you really have 3 OJs, leaving no room for the required S. They can leave the language unclear as to if it's exactly two or at least two days.

Hope that helps!

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