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With #5, I have these separate diagrams, but I'm not sure how to combine them correctly.
Thanks in advance!
pure sequencing drill #5.png
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 Dave Killoran
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Hi Iris,

You must have a relatively old version of the book, since we changed our sequencing rule representation back in 2016. We did this in order to better combat some of the relationships and rules that LSAC was creating for Logic Games. So, we don't use the > signs anymore in any of our books or courses, and this article explains why in more detail: ... es-bibles/. If possible I recommend using only the most recent version (especially of the Bibles themselves), since I update the books every year to account for changes in the test.

That aside, the diagram show in the drill answer key shows how you can link all these diagrams together, and that hinges on R and T being used as connectors. Check your Table of Contents for that page number for the answer key :-D


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