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Hi. I just tried Comprehension Test(TM) with Prep Test 51 Dec 2006 Passage 3, according to RC bible ver. 2018. I got only question correct and rest incorrectly.

I will continuously apply this test until I improve significantly and maintain the "successful level" of corrects consistently, anyways, What do I do with the rest of questions that I got wrong? Do I try the same passage again with comprehension test method later or try to solve it under regular setting?

Regarding Speed Test(TM), the same question
I tried this test with one RC passage in Prep Test 56's First RC Passage (Still went over 30 seconds over what my time limit but under real test testing, my time limit fall under good enough range) and got certain results, 2 questions wrong out of 7, Anyways Do I need to leave them and try again later (the remaining 2 Incorrectly Questions) OR solve them under the regular situation.

what are your recommendations?
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 Dave Killoran
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Hi Lathlee,

I wouldn't use that test a lot—it's more designed as a check to show whether speed is an issue. So, on that front, only use it once in a while to see if you are progressing.

As for the other questions you missed, stop right then and look at them in connection with the passage. What did you miss in the passage that caused you to miss the problem? Could you read that any differently next time? What can you take away from the miss in relation to your reading that could be used to improve or alter your approach?


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