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Chapter 4 of the RC Bible 2019 mentions on p. 119 that one can tell after reading the first few lines of passage that it looks particularly challenging, and consider moving on to start w what is most enjoyable and accessible. However, on p. 135 in the Passage Topic Traps, the chapter discusses the "bait & switch" game, which states that you can't rely on the first line or paragraph to determine the level of difficulty.
Could some help correlate this discrepancy?

Thank you!
 Adam Tyson
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That advice on page 119 is more of an "if", dsamad - IF you feel that the passage you just started is not going so well and is presenting a big challenge, then you can always make the decision to work out of order and go do another passage first. The point there is that you can play to your strengths and manage your comfort level, taking control of how you experience the test.

The later advice on page 135 is to temper that feeling with the knowledge that many passages that start off sounding difficult really aren't ultimately that bad, and vice versa. Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed with a passage that starts off hard, because it may get easier. So let's say you start reading a passage, find yourself a little off balance, and you decide you would rather save that passage for later. You skip to another that you find more to your liking, and continue through the section in compete control of what you are choosing to do.

Eventually, you get back to that passage that you decided to skip. Don't get worked up about it! Just read on, and be optimistic - it may get better! Just apply all the strategies that you have learned, and you'll be fine. And if it does stay challenging, and you have to slow down to ensure accuracy, so be it - good thing you saved it for last!

It all works together. Take control of your test, do what you want in the order that you want, and stay positive about the whole thing.

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