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 Stephanie Oswalt
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We recently received the following questions from a student. An instructor will respond below. Thanks!
I am confused by 2 problems in the Statement Negation Drill in the Powerscore Logical Reasoning Bible. The correct answers given in the book for number 7 and 9 seem to contradict the rule about negating conditional statements. Would you mind explaining to me why I am negating these statements incorrectly?

7. Statement: If the policy is implemented, the education budget will be cut.
My negated statement: If the policy is implemented, the education MIGHT not be cut.
Answer given in book: If the policy is implemented the education WILL not be cut.

9. Statement: Unless the stock market rebounds, the economy will not recover this year.
My negated statement: If the stock market does not rebound, the economy MIGHT not recover this year.
Answer given in the book: " " WILL not recover this year.
 Robert Carroll
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Note that in the answer key for #7, the explanation says "Negate the necessary condition using 'will not' or 'might not'." Although the explanation for #9 doesn't repeat the acceptability of "might not", it's also acceptable there, so there is nothing wrong with your answers!

Robert Carroll

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