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To help myself not get confused, I keep a general rule in my head that different levels of branches cannot does not mean one is head of the other. So in other words, if I am looking at 1 level of a branch, whatever is in the relative order is relegated only to that branch. With that said, I want to make sure that I am correct. The example given was:

R-V \

With that said the only possible order of among these 4 variables could be (assuming no ties):

1. R-V-W-T
2. R-W-V-T
3. W-T-V-T

My idea is to keep the level of the branch separated only to that level that way I do not mistakenly think that because R is appears to be ahead of all the other variables, it is not guaranteed to be.

Please let me know if that thinking is correct.
 Jeremy Press
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Hi lmcuffy,

Yes, you're exactly right, and that's the perfect way to think of it! Just so others aren't confused who might review this post later, I just want to clarify that you meant to write, for solution 3, W-R-V-T? As long as you did, this is right on point. Nice work!

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