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2017 edition

I don't understand how these those sequences(#3, 4 in p423) is possible.

1. A--B--C
2. C--B--A

3. B--A--C
4. B--C--A

Can you help me to understand this?
Thanks in advance.
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Hi Yvonne,

Can you please specify which game/drill this is, as the 2017 edition is out of date and not easily accessible?

As Dave mentioned in his response to you about another game from the 2017 LGB:

"all discussions of specific games are done in our LG forum in the area for the game itself, so we will likely move this over there when we identify which one you are asking about (your question has likely been addressed there already!). All PrepTest/game areas are linked here: viewforum.php?f=5 "

If this is a question about a drill, there's a good chance it's been answered already in this section of the forum, but to find it we need to know the drill name and question number.

Thank you!

Julie Lipscomb
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 Dave Killoran
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This question, I believe, is from the section on Mutually Exclusive Outcomes, and it's part of the discussion of how this works. This question has been addressed previously, in a post titled "Mutually Exclusive Outcomes -- Presentation Example" here: viewtopic.php?f=1351&t=10398.

Fwiw, you can see the evolution of these books over time as I added material. In 2014 this example was on page 382, in 2017 it was on page 422, and in 2021 it's on page 450.

This is why we say older editions are out of date: we add material every year, and in this case almost 70 pages have been added in the book up to this point since 2017 :-D


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