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Hello! The answer for #10 is B: The jitterbug class and the rumba class must be scheduled for the same time.
I do not see how answer A could not be correct also, is it just because the question wording says "must" be true?

"A" says: The jitterbug class and the limbo class must be scheduled for the same time.

Because in the answer key on page 125, the book says A cannot be the answer because "since if J and L are scheduled for the same time, there would be no class to schedule with R."

But couldn't R just go with F since one of the inferences we can make is that R can be with either F or J?
Couldn't an outcome of the game then be (CP) (JL) (RF) (WT)?

Thank you for any help!
 Adam Tyson
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I think you may be overlooking the restriction in the question, landphil. The question requires that F and T occur at the same time, so in this case R cannot be at the same time as F and must be at the same time as J.

This question solves all 4 pairs of classes:

C and P are always together

F and T must be together per the question stem

R can only ever be with F or else J, so in this case we must have R and J together

L and W are the only classes remaining, so they must be at the same time

Don't forget the restriction placed on you by the question! That's a crucial part of every local question in games.

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