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Can you please explain the correct answer to this question and explanations for the incorrect answers? thanks
 Adam Tyson
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If you chose to do templates for this game, start by using your templates to eliminate wrong answers here, studyhelp20. Although they are not completely full, they should be full enough to show that K can be Thursday afternoon or any time on Friday, and that's enough to eliminate answers D and E.

Next, you can either try manipulating those templates to see what else is possible for K, or else start testing the remaining answer choices. For example, if you look at our Template 2 in explanation for the setup, you can put K Thursday morning with G that afternoon, then put H and L in the other two mornings, with J Wednesday afternoon and X (the empty slot) Friday afternoon. That gets rid of answer C.

Testing answer B, K on Wednesday afternoon might make you worry about the KG rule, but you can solve it by then putting J on Wednesday morning and G on Thursday afternoon. That way, the only meeting between K and G is with either H or L on Thursday morning, and that's fine according to the last rule. For example:


That just leaves answer A as the problem, and the correct answer. Putting K on Wednesday morning means H and L fill the other two mornings. Then, no matter where you put the JG block, there will be too many meetings between K and G. For example, even if we put J on Wednesday and G on Thursday, you get something like this:


In this scenario, J and H are both between K and G, violating the last rule of the game. Thus, K cannot ever be on Wednesday morning!

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