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Please post your questions below!
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I skipped this one during my exam but got B right on BR. Can someone confirm this is the right breakdown to get to B?

P1: One way street-> bike lane
CP: -bike lane-> -one-way street

P2: city bus travels->-bike lane

P3: City bus #9 travels on Batchelder Ave. -> -bike lane

so connecting CP of P1 with P3 we get....

City bus #9 travels on Batchelder Ave. -> -bike lane-> -one-way street

which brings us to B

Is this correct? Thank you!
 Adam Tyson
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Perfecto! And the stuff about parking could have been diagrammed, but turned out to be unnecessary to the correct answer. That would have been

Parking :arrow: Bike Lane

Which would allow us to get to

Parking :arrow: One Way

Answer C relies on a Mistaken Reversal of that relationship.
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I am confused. I know A and D are wrong. I know answer B is correct because if a bus travels on Bathchlder Avenue then it cannot be a one way. C looks like it could be true. If parking is allowed on Batchelder that means it is not a one way nor a bike lane so this could be true and answer E could also be true because if parking is not allowed on any street on buses do not travel that's saying parking is not allowed on one-way streets. So, are C and E could be true but B has to be true?
 Paul Marsh
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Hey theamazingrace - that's exactly right! C and E are both things that could be true, but don't necessarily have to be true. For Must be True questions like this, our right answer will be something that has to be true based on what's in the stimulus. If it's just something that possibly could be true, it's wrong.

Hope that helps!
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If Batchelder Street is not one way then we also know that there is parking allowed. No?

Or are we saying that all streets with a dedicated bike lane are one way but not all streets that are not one way have parking (some streets that are not one way might not allow parking)?
 Robert Carroll
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The first sentence is a conditional:

one-way :arrow: dedicated bike lane

We cannot infer that all streets with dedicated bike lanes are one-way. That's the Mistaken Reversal of the statement.

Batchelder Avenue is not one-way, and does not have dedicated bike lanes, but I see no way to infer that parking is allowed on it, unless we use the Mistaken Reversal of the third sentence, which is a mistake.

Robert Carroll

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