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Please post your questions below!
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Please confirm that K is on Sunday and Saturday and that the rule is only prohibitive to G but not forcing a G every time K is present
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Confirmed! Not every K requires a G, so K can go twice (Saturday and Sunday) while G goes just once, either Monday or Friday.

In this case, K must be the one to go on those two weekend days. It's not L, because L is Wednesday; never P, because P is always Tuesday; and never G, because G goes just once. That leaves H, K, and N as the only options for the weekends in this local question.

But if we try to place H or N on the weekends, then the only place the KG block will fit is on Thursday and Friday. That means N or H will be on Monday, and that puts H and N next to each other, violating the 4th rule. So we have to put K on the weekends.

Once K is on the weekends, we have to think about G being next to K, and we have to keep H and N away from each other. If we put G on Monday, then H and N will be Thursday and Friday, breaking the rule. Thus, G must be Friday, with H and N on Monday and Thursday (and it doesn't matter which of those is which.) So the diagram looks like this:


Now when we go through the answers, we can see that A through D are all false. Only answer E - N on Thursday - could be true in this scenario.

Well done!

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