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Hi Powerscore,
When I was taking the practice test and came across this question, I remember reading the first three sentences over and over again trying to figure out what the author meant by "singer's opera". Where in the passage does it direct me to the correct answer of E? I keep referring to the word "primary" and "undeserved contempt" because the author states that's what the "singer's opera" falls under but I'm not sure how that tells me that E is the meaning of it. What am I not seeing here?
Thanks for the help in advance,
 Robert Carroll
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The author of passage B, in the second sentence, says that "the former" is sometimes called "singer's opera". So we need to look at the list of two things mentioned earlier, and look at the first of the two elements on that list. That's in the first sentence, and is "that in which the music is primary". So music is primary = singer's opera. Thus, non-musical elements are not primary, which is where answer choice (E) comes from.

Robert Carroll

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