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Please post your questions below!
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Tricky part of B is both passages addressed
C; emotional range discussed only in 21-23
 Malila Robinson
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Hi Lukelee,
I'm not sure if you are asking for a confirmation or just offering info, but you are correct: Answer B is mentioned in both Passage A and Passage B, and Answer C is only mentioned in Passage A, which makes it the correct answer.
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Is (B) a wrong answer because passage B mentions the third type of opera in which music is subordinated to other genres? It says in this opera, "their appeal was limited and a fuller participation of music was required to establish opera on a secure basis."
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Hi Coleman,

I too was initially unsure of exactly how to rule out B. The strongest support I found in the passage was in lines 47-48, where the author describes the evaluation of poetry as one which measures its ability to "furnish opportunity for effective musical and scenic treatment". I interpreted this as a suggestion that the function of music can be enhanced when combined with (certain) words, addressing the issue in answer choice B and thereby eliminating it.
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 Ryan Twomey
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Hey BarryZuckerkorn96 and Coleman,

Yes I agree that in lines 45-48 eliminates answer choice B as an answer choice. Also I would add lines 49-55 to support eliminating answer choice B. We were looking for an answer choice that is addressed by passage A but not passage B. I would say that lines 45-48 and lines 49-55 discuss how music is affected when the music is combined with words, therby elminating answer choice B.

C is a great answer choice because passage A discusses evoking an emotional response from the listener whereas passage B does not.

I hope all this helps and I wish you good luck in your studies.


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