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After reviewing this question I understand why (E) is correct, but why is (A) incorrect?
 Robert Carroll
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Answer choice (A) is not saying laborers and office workers spend similar time sitting. It says they spend similar time sitting at home. Office workers would then still have extra time sitting in the office that laborers probably don't, so it's just the same situation as the stimulus.

Robert Carroll
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When I was reviewing this question, (A) actually confuses me a little bit. There are two interpretations for (A)--on the one hand, it mildly strengthens because it's giving a baseline for the office workers and the physical workers. They sit for the same amount at home. But another interpretation of it, that (A) suggests office workers sit for longer, seems to suggest an alternate cause, which is that sitting longer is the cause of more lower back injuries.

I chose (E) initially because I thought the conclusion was a terrible one, since sitting longer/being not active is more likely the reason why, rather than some ridiculous reason blaming the furniture. But applying this logic to the second interpretation of (A), I also thought (A) weakens in the same why by presenting sitting longer/being less active as an alternate cause. Can someone explain the distinction between that interpretation of (A) and (E)?

Is it because of (A)'s ambiguity that it's wrong?


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