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Please post your questions below!
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For this question, I referenced the template set-up. I identified that the 1-3-2 template could satisfy the condition, with H under visitors with L. However, I couldn't figure out why D is incorrect if both F and K could be under R with the G-M block.
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Hey Msk,

So for this question, I think you should do more than just identify the 1-3-2 template. You would want to see that H has to go into V with L as well. Then R has G, M, and F/K and then O has F/K .

I did this question by drawing two templates, one where H was in R and one where H was in V. The one where I placed H in R was eliminated because it did not work. The one where I placed H in V, did work with the placements above described.

Let me know if this makes sense. You are able to place everything in that template because of the not laws applying to F and K and the not laws applying to G and H.

Drawing the two possibilities of where H could go, and then eliminating one of those possibilities was very helpful for me in this question, and I wish you all of the luck in your studies.


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