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I'm with Angelsfan. Why, in common usage, should "at least 2 weeks must separate the sale" be interpreted as used in this game? If I said to somebody on the first day of sale of A, "We won't be having a sale on B for at least 2 weeks, so come back then," that person would potentially return in 2 weeks, not 3! Question could've easily been made unambiguous simply by saying something like, "Each sale runs a full week," and "At least two weeks must separate the end of the sale on headphones and the beginning of the sale on speakers."
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 Ryan Twomey
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Hey SklarkV,

I recommend memorizing that separated in the logic games section on the LSAT means the same thing as between on the LSAT. So we have to have at least two weeks in between H and S. Aka we need two slots in between H and S. H_ _...S or S_ _ ... H is how I wrote it.

If S is fifth, there is no room for H because H would have to go first or second, which is not possible. H cannot go first because T/R must go there, and H cannot go second because L has to come before H.

The first time I saw separated on the test, I was confused as well, so I do have sympathy, but sometimes it's easier to just write it on a flashcard and memorize it for next time instead of trying to make an argument as to why the test makers are wrong.

I hope this helps and I wish you all of the luck in your studies.

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Hello, is there any way someone can complete the diagram and set up for this game? My timing was really off during this game and I'm curious where I went wrong.

Thank you,
 Rachael Wilkenfeld
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Here you go Azimat.

There's not a ton in the set up here. And apologies for the rough nature of the drawing.
IMG_20211021_182242940 (1).jpg

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