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Please post your questions below!
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I originally picked B for this question because if R is 1st then it is true that T must be 7th since there are only two places for T to go according to the 3rd rule.

Is E the correct answer because T must be the sufficient condition and R must be the necessary condition in order to replicate all of the impacts of the 4th rule?

 Rachael Wilkenfeld
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Hi Awash,

For this one, we want something that forces R to be in 1 whenever T is not in 1. When is T not in 1? When T is in 7. We could rewrite the rule to say when T is in 7, R is in 1. As I read the question, that would be my strong prephrase.

Answer choice (B) is the mistaken reversal of the rule we want. It says if R is in 1, T is in 7. That's true if anyone is in 1, since T has to be in either 1 or 7. We need something that tells us when T is in 7, R must be in 1. That's what answer choice (E) does.

Hope that helps!
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When doing this question originally, I realized that the new rule would need to force R into 1 when T is not there so I eliminated everything but A and E. I ended up picking E because it was a conditional and closest to the original rule. Can someone explain why A is incorrect?

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 Ryan Twomey
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Hey Apruva,

So I have a really specific method for substitution questions. In a substitution question, the correct answer must be two things:

1. The correct answer must be true in our original game. Aka the correct answer would be a correct answer choice in a must be true question. Aka the correct answer choice cannot give us any new conditions that did not have to be true in our original game.

2. The correct answer choice must give us our rule back.

Students always forget to do step 1.

Answer choice A states, Refrigerators must be on sale during the first week or the 7th week. This does not have to be true. This gives us a new condition. Refrigerators could be on sale during the 2nd week in our original game, so this is giving us a new condition, thus not perfectly substituting our rule.

If you incorporate step 1 into your substitution questions, you will have a much easier time with substitution questions and be less confused.

I really hope this helps, and I wish you all of the luck in your studies.


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