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Lesson help relating to our Advanced Logical Reasoning Course.
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I noticed that the answers of some Justify the Conclusion questions involving Conditional Reasoning sometimes would be the same for Assumption (Supporter) questions also involving Conditional Reasoning since there is somewhat of a limit on what can be 'linked' together in the sitmulus.

So for the question on individual freedom and social integrity in the New Style section of Lesson 8, I was wondering if your explanation on 'adding inert elements' applies to Assumption questions. And if so, the answer (B) in the question would be appropriate answer for an Assumption (Supporter) question.
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 Dave Killoran
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Thanks for the question! Yes, I speak often of the overlap between correct Justify (SA) and Assumption (NA) answer choices, and they are often interchangeable.

However, if any extra elements are added to a Justify answer, then no, it would not apply as being a Assumption answer. the very definition of an Assumption (NA) question type is minimalist in nature and automatically rules out extraneous additions.

In (B) in that problem, there aren't any extra elements, and so yes, it would apply as an assumption as well :-D

Please let me know if that helps. Thanks!

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