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Please post your questions below! Thank you!
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Hi, could you please explain why D is correct? I tried to diagram this one, and the closest I could get to paralleling the stimulus was C. Thanks for any help.
 Christen Hammock
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Hi Tom!

Let's take this from the beginning. The flaw in this passage is Mistaken Reversal: we can't conclude that ending global warming requires economic incentives just because offering economic incentives would be sufficient to decrease current reliance on fossil fuels.

Answer Choice (D) makes exactly this mistake: just because increasing salaries would be sufficient to keep good teachers in the profession doesn't mean that this increase is necessary.

Answer Choice (C) doesn't actually include a flaw! It's a valid logical chain. If graduating from high school is necessary to go to college, and going to college is necessary to get a professional job, it's valid to skip the middle condition (going to college) and conclude that going to high school is necessary for getting a professional job!
 Shaela L. Hayes
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Can you please tell me where I went wrong in my initial diagram? And thoroughly explain how to diagram "required if" statements?

Premise: (Halt global warming) --> (Lower reliance on fossil fuels)
Premise: (Economic incentives) --> (Lower reliance on fossil fuels)
Conclusion: (Economic incentives) --> (Halt global warming)

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 Poonam Agrawal
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Hi Shaela,

Your diagram was almost there! Remember that conditional statements take the form of Sufficient :arrow: Necessary. If something is required, it is the necessary condition.

Here is how we can diagram the stimulus:

DRF = decreased reliance on fossil fuels
GWH = global warming halted
EI = economic incentives

Sentence 1: GWH :arrow: DRF
Sentence 2: EI :arrow: DRF
Sentence 3: GWH :arrow: EI (it says economic incentives are required to halt global warming)
Answer choice (D) can be diagrammed as follows:

KGT = keeping good teachers
IE = improving education
ITS = increase in teachers' salaries

Sentence 1: IE :arrow: KGT
Sentence 2: ITS :arrow: KGT
Sentence 3: IE :arrow: ITS
See the similarity between answer choice (D) and the stimulus? That's how you know we have found the parallel flaw - hope that helps!
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Why is B wrong?

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