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Please post your questions below!
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Hi. I chose AC E because Passage B MENTIONS "In a sense, candor is an essential prerequisite of all other restraints on abuse of judicial power..." (line 43) Also lines 38-40 mentions how the absence of an obligation to be candid would dilute the constraints on judges powers. To me, all this speaks to the abuse of power of AC E. I don't see Passage A mentioning this at all.

Is A correct because of what's written in paragraph 2? I need clarity. Thank you.
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Hi Hope,

I hope you'll forgive the confusion here, but I also hope you'll allow me to beam disinfectant upon this apparent mixup in rulings! AC E is indeed correct! You got it right! And for the very reasons you so stated! Awesome job, and in spite of how A may seem like the correct answer, E is certainly that which passage A neglects to mention whatsoever.

Hooray... and I (hopefully) do mean ray!

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