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Please post below with any questions!
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Hi can you explain why answer B is correct here? What about C?
 Emily Haney-Caron
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Hi nrpandolfo,

Thanks for the question! It might help, here, to pre-phrase for ourselves the main point (or, really, a possible title for) each passage, so we can compare each answer choice. For Passage A, it might be something like, "In some situations, independent research might be ok to help trial judges." For Passage B, it would be, "Appellate courts should never, ever conduct independent research." Answer B kind of gets at the same thing; salt might be ok for one group, but it's really bad for another group. C doesn't fit because neither of our original passages is debunking potential danger of independent research; Passage A might be more inconclusive, but Passage B is making a very strong argument that the danger is very, very real!
 Kelly R
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Hi PS,

Just want to be sure I correctly eliminated E. Passage B does not suggest that there is a "deficiency" in the independent research conducted in appellate courts, but instead suggests that it ought not be present in appellate courts simpliciter, correct? Thanks.
 Adam Tyson
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I think that's part of it for sure, Kelly. Good work! I also question whether passage A is really about benefits in general, as this answer reflect, but rather only some possible benefits in certain cases, as in answer B.
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Hello! Could someone explain why D is wrong?
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In the manner I always like to answer forum questions, such as this one, D is wrong because B is so clearly correct! It captures the essence of the persuasiveness in both passage A ("Independent research could help judges avoid such errors...") and passage B ("appellate courts should resist the temptation"). It is thus the best answers in both contexts. D however, does not. It is simply the type of headline you might read in on the fifth page of your local newspaper. There is no hint of persuasion there, rather simply a resuscitation of the facts. Thus, it is not the correct answer.

Let me know if you have further questions on this, and I would be happy to further persuade!

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