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Please post below with any questions!
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This question confused me because I think I misinterpreted a rule from the stimulus (which is also why I inevitably got number 12 wrong as well; the rest I did fine on!).

In the rules I took "With one painting in the upper position and one in the lower position..." to mean that, for instance, you could NOT have Franz(Watercolor) and Franz(Oil) both upper (or lower).

However, questions 12 and 17 show me I clear did not understand what that part in the stimulus meant, can someone explain that to me?
 Adam Tyson
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Hey there 180bound, it looks like you read something into that rule that just isn't there. That part in the scenario that says "Exactly two paintings will be displayed on each of the walls of the exhibition room—walls 1, 2, 3, and 4—with one painting in the upper position and one in the lower position" just means that on each wall there is a painting above another painting. Nothing about that rule says anything about the painters! So it would be fine to have an F in the top position on one wall and in the bottom position on another wall (just not on the same wall, because "No wall has the work of only one student displayed on it." )

Don't create restrictions that aren't provided by the rules or else inferred based on them! These games are hard enough as it is without doing that! ;-)

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