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Complete Question Explanation

The correct answer choice is (B).

Answer choice (A):

Answer choice (B): This is the correct answer choice.

Answer choice (C):

Answer choice (D):

Answer choice (E):

This explanation is still in progress. Please post any questions below!
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When I click those video links it says "The requested topic does not exist." Can someone please post the answer explanation?
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Hi kmlane!

If U is mentioned in chapter 3, that means that X must be in chapter 2 or 4. I would start by trying out both options. Once X is placed, we have to think about where that T __ __ W block goes. If X is in chapter 2, then the only place left for T __ __ W is 4/7. If X is in chapter 4, then the only place left for T __ __ W is in 2/5. But this would put X next to W, which cannot happen. Therefore, we know that only the option with X in chapter 2 works. At that point, we still have S, Z, and R to place and we only have chapters 1, 5, and 6 open. S and Z cannot be next to each other which means they cannot be in chapters 5 and 6. So one of them has to be in chapter 1. Thus, R will be in chapter 5 or 6 and whichever one of S and Z is not in chapter 1 will also be in either 5 or 6.

The local diagram would look something like this:
Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 5.35.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 5.35.55 PM.png (20.08 KiB) Viewed 78 times
From the diagram, we can see that answer choices (A), (C), (D), and (E) cannot happen. Answer choice (B) is the only one that could be true (R could be 5 or 6) and, thus, it is correct.

Hope this helps!


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