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Please post below with any questions!
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Could you please explain why answer choice B is incorrect? I've asked a few questions regarding this game so it may be beneficial to see how you diagrammed the rules for this game?
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Thanks for the question. Question #3 is a Must be False question, meaning that the credited answer must be false while the other four answers either could be true or must be true. Answer choice (B) reads: "Mei is a facilitator, and she is assigned to the same team as Kelly is." If we can prove that this could be true, then it cannot be the correct answer. And, in fact, there is at least one diagram in which this could be true. Take for instance:


Here, G and R represent the Green and Red teams, while the f represents the facilitators. I used dots simply to separate out the two teams visually. Anyway, in this diagram, you can see that Mei is a facilitator, and she is assigned to the same team (Red) as Kelly is. Yet, we don't violate any of our rules (J and O are on different teams, O is a facilitator, L is on the green team, and K is not a facilitator). Therefore, it is a possible solution, meaning it cannot be the correct answer to our must be false question.

To answer your broader question, there are two ways to set this game up - I believe you have already read Francis' explanation of how you could do it with templates here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=13172. But like Francis and Adam, I agree that it makes sense to simply diagram the rules and go from there. So I would have on my sheet:

J :arrow: O
O :arrow: J


J :dblline: O

(Either of those rules represents the rule that J and O cannot be on the same team)



And then I would have the game board look like:


This shows that there must be at least two people on each team, and that L is on the green team. Beyond that, we simply have to take the questions as they come at us, placing the people in the teams as we go. I hope that is helpful!


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