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Please post below with any questions!
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Hi- i missed questions 2, 4, and 5 in this game. According to the set up outlined, I diagrammed this correctly but I still had a hard time. I found myself re-drawing and going through each answer. I

For number 2, other than diagramming out each answer, is there a faster way to figure it out?
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Hi eronquillo,

I don't really see where we did the set up for this Grouping Game, so I would like you to show me what yours looks like. Also, did you do 2 templates for your main map? That's going to help you quickly eliminate several answer choices here right off the bat.

Let us know what your set up looked like and we can go from there!
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Hi - I got this question wrong and was overwhelmed when I came to it because there weren't really any inferences during setup, and I thought I would have to try diagramming each one of these options out.

However, I'm looking at it now and realize that D could be very obvious, but I have a question. When it says that: Juana and Mei are not both facilitators, is it saying that they are both not facilitators TOGETHER, or each of them cannot be facilitators?

Thank you!

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