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General questions relating to LSAT Logical Reasoning.
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Hi all,

Is it acceptable on a Strengthen Q for the correct AC to bolster a premise? Likewise, is it acceptable on a Weaken Q for the correct AC to undermine a premise?

My understanding at this point is that it's okay to undermine a premise on Weaken but not okay to bolster a premise on Strengthen. I just want to get a firm answer on these two questions. Also, the reason why I think you can attack a premise on Weaken Qs is because of PT 75, section 3, question 13, about the University Administrator's opinions on teaching assistants.

Lastly, is there a question type besides Strengthen/Weaken where we can attack premises?

Thank you!
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 Jeff Wren
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Hi Doccap,

Yes, it is definitely acceptable to bolster a premise for a Strengthen question and to undermine a premise for a Weaken question.

For example, many arguments in Logical Reasoning rely on data from studies or surveys. Answers that show that the studies or surveys were properly conducted or show additional data that further confirms the data in the argument would strengthen the argument.

For Weaken questions, it is possible for an answer to directly undermine a premise, but it is much less common.

As you pointed out, PT 75, section 3, question 13 is an example where this happens.

In case you haven't checked it out, here is a link to the discussion of that question on the forum. (You'll see that this is mentioned in the discussion as well as how uncommon this is.)


Weaken questions are the only question type that attack the argument, including the premises.

People often confuse Weaken questions with Flaw Questions. In Flaw questions, the correct answer just describes the flaw that already appears in the argument rather than adding a new piece of information that would attack the argument (like a Weaken question).

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