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General questions relating to LSAT Logical Reasoning.
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I'm having trouble figuring out how to use the words "No", "Or", "None", "Never", and "Cannot"

I've looked at flashcards, but they all will say "Negate, Necessary" or "Negate, Sufficient" but that just doesn't provide me enough information on what to do and I was hoping someone could help explain/diagram these for me with an example so I can see exactly what I should do. For words like "Unless" i usually use the "if-not" technique. I'm not sure if that same method is applicable to any of these words.
 Robert Carroll
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Conditional indicators are discussed in the Online Student Center in Lessons 2 and 8. In Lesson 2, the Additional Reading in the OSC, pages 2-1 to 2-40, go over a lot of the indicators you have questions about, and I think looking at that material will be helpful. It includes drills to test your comprehension as well! In Lesson 8, the module named "LR: Formal Logic Explained" involves further useful discussion on those points. I'm directing you to these resources because I think they will answer most, if not all, of the questions you had. If you have any other questions after looking at those resources, please reply in this thread and we'll help you further!

Robert Carroll

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