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General questions relating to LSAT Logical Reasoning.
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I’m in lesson 7 of the on demand course, I don’t seem to be grasping method of reasoning questions. It might be the language that’s throwing me off. More concerning is that I keep answering them thinking my answer is correct. I would appreciate any guidance I can get on these questions. Also what would be the best way to go back and review the questions afterward. Sorry if didn’t post this in the right section.
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Hi Ozar114!

It would help to know a little more specifically about what you're struggling with when it comes to Method of Reasoning questions so that we can offer more personalized advice. How do you do with identifying conclusions and premises? Are there specific examples of answer choices that have thrown you off? Etc. But, in general, it's important to really focus on argument structure and thinking specifically about how the premises support the conclusion. It is also helpful to study the types of answer choices they give you in Method of Reasoning questions--not just the correct answers, but also the incorrect answers since they reuse some of the same wording. Really think about the type of argument that each answer choice is describing.

Here's a blog post with some tips for Method-Argument Part questions that are applicable to regular Method questions as well: ... questions/

And here's a blog post about how to best review practice questions in general: ... blem-sets/

Hope this helps!


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