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General questions relating to LSAT Logical Reasoning.
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Hi meltikeb9,

Thanks for the post, and I'm sorry to hear of your frustration! The LSAT is a tough test, and it's not uncommon for students to feel overwhelmed and frustrated while studying! You are certainly not alone, but you can do this. :D

A few thoughts — I noticed you mentioned taking practice tests and practicing the problems you struggle with, but I didn't see much focus on reviewing those tests and questions, which is key to improvement. So first, I would suggest that you thoroughly spend time reviewing your past tests and questions: what you did right, what you did incorrectly, and what you can improve. :D You might find these LSAT Blog Posts useful regarding how to take and review practice tests: Regarding some of your specific weak sections, here are some great podcasts by Dave and Jon that may help: Finally, here is a link to a blog series written by our former student, Marvin: ... ent-part-1. It’s five parts and it’s long, but he really does offer some great advice from a student’s perspective and so many people have found it useful.

If you would like some further advice, I would suggest providing a bit more detail first. I would encourage you to read this blog post: ... -help-you/, and use it as a guideline to provide us with some more information. A better sense of your prep history, your strengths, weaknesses, and your test score breakdowns will help us point you in the right direction. :D


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