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General questions relating to LSAT Logical Reasoning.
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Hi all,

Is it acceptable on a Strengthen Q for the correct AC to bolster a premise? Likewise, is it acceptable on a Weaken Q for the correct AC to undermine a premise?

My understanding at this point is that it's okay to undermine a premise on Weaken but not okay to bolster a premise on Strengthen. I just want to get a firm answer on these two questions. Also, the reason why I think you can attack a premise on Weaken Qs is because of PT 75, section 3, question 13, about the University Administrator's opinions on teaching assistants.

Lastly, is there a question type besides Strengthen/Weaken where we can attack premises?

Thank you!
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 Dave Killoran
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Yes, it's ok in both types of questions to strengthen/attack a premise! You just see it far less often than answers dealing with the jump to the conclusion, or with the conclusion itself :-D

If you think about the question types, you are responding to the action requested. Flaw questions would be the closest to Weaken at first glance, but they just ask you to point out problems, not to actively do anything. In Evaluate questions, the question asked in the answer could also show problems with a premise. Other questions, like Cannot, might ask you to disagree with a premise, but that's again different than doing something to the premise.


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