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When I first attempted to do this problem in the LG Bible awhile ago, I failed miserably and was completely stumped. :( After much practice from the course, I retried it. I am happy that I only missed 3 this time, but I missed one of the key inferences! J and s can be together! Consequently, I missed 3 problems that required this info. Question: How to avoid this in the future? What is the best way to diagram problems such as this? Should I spend more time trying to write ALL of the inferences (as the explanation is in the LG Bible and the HW book) or should I just "diagram" the rules with the appropriate arrows and read my inferences that way? I hope this question makes sense. Thank you for your help.
 Emily Haney-Caron
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Hi Flor,

Congrats on your improvement with this tricky game! With problems such as this one, the inferences you make are so critical. Because of that, I'd really recommend always writing out the contrapositives, in order to make sure you don't miss key conclusions. Then, be careful to stick to what you know - if you diagram the J-S rule, and then the contrapositive, all you know is what happens when either J or S is NOT in the group; so you want to avoid drawing conclusions about what happens when one of them IS in the group.

I hope that helps!

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