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I am setting up the first logic game from Lesson 7, and the last rule is confusing to me. It says "X cannot be 5 unless R is 1." Using the Unless Equation, to me it seems that "R is 1" is the term modified by the unless, and would be the necessary condition. X cannot be 5 would become to sufficient term and be reversed, so the diagram would be this:
X5 --> R1
The contrapositive would be:
Not R1 --> Not X5.

But the rule explanation is listed as
X5 --> M, N, or O1
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Just kidding right after I posted this I figured it out hahahaha
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Great, glad that you worked that out :)

By the way, each game has a specific forum based on test, so for example, February 1994 is here: viewforum.php?f=404

That may help you get even faster answers since many questions have been covered already :-D


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